How To Identify A 428 Ford Engine?

A 428 is often characterized by the fact that it has just one spark plug on the plug, that it requires a stick or cane, and that it should be measured at 3 by measuring the stroke of the rod (see illustration).To demonstrate this, consider the numbers 9807′′ for a 3.9, 3904067′′ for a 3.8, and 4274′′ for a 4.0.Additionally, there is a 3 at the 780 level, which may be found with a 330, 352, or 360 pattern.

How can you tell if you have a 428 block?

Some blocks have the number ‘428’ cast into the bottom of the water jacket within the water jacket. When looking at this protruding number, there are two frequent spots to look: one is just inside the center freeze plug hole, and the other is right under the lengthy coolant slot located at the back of the block.

How do you tell the difference between a Ford 390 and 428?

As previously stated, the 390 had a bore of 4.050 inches and a crank of 3.781 inches. The 428 had a bore of 4.130 inches and a crank of 3.984 inches. In addition, Ford 428s had a distinct water jacket core, which can frequently be identified by the number ‘428’ cast into the bottom of the inner water jacket, just below the center freeze plug, on the bottom of the inner water jacket.

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What is the difference between a Ford 427 and 428?

The 427 is a big bore short stroke motor (4.23′ bore x 3.78′ stroke) developed to produce horsepower at high rpms. By 1965 Ford developed a 427 motor that could run 7500 rpms for 24 hours. The 428 (4.13′ bore x 3.98′ stroke) is a low rpm torque motor for the street. Both may create the same horsepower.

What years did Ford make the 428?

As a result, the 428 Cobra Jet was created. During its brief existence (1968–1970), this engine became synonymous with Ford’s ability to deliver performance. The 428-ci Cobra Jet-powered Mustangs that were initially debuted in 1967 are still winning drag races 41 years after they were first released.

What is the difference between 428 CJ and 428 SCJ?

The CJ block varies from the plain 428 in that it has extra webs cast into the main bearing saddles, whereas the plain 428 does not. The SCJ block is identical to the CJ block. The following were the differences for the SCJ: 1) The 427 ‘LeMans’ connecting rods, which are thicker and stronger.

What did a Ford 428 come in?

Best of all, unlike the fire-breathing 427 FE (which was largely found in fullsize cars from 1963 to 1967), the 428 CJ was widely accessible in all of the popular midsize Ford-Mercury muscle cars. More than 18,000 of these were installed in Mustangs from 1968 to 1970 alone.

Will 428 heads fit a 390?

The 428CJ heads with the casting number C8OE-N are the ones you desire. They feature 16 bolt holes for the exhaust manifolds, as well as air pump holes drilled into the exhaust ports, so they are ready for anything. If you have a 390 block, they will bolt on.

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Is a 390 and 428 the same block?

There are no significant variations in the 390/428 blocks as they were cast. Some 390s and 428s have triple main cap webs rather than double main cap webs. It is possible to bore out a 390 to the 428 specifications without any problems.

How much horsepower does a 428 Cobra Jet have?

The Cobra Jet engine was officially rated at 335 horsepower at 5600 RPM and peak torque of 445 lb-ft at 3400 RPM, with a maximum output of 335 horsepower at 5600 RPM and a maximum output of 445 lb-ft at 3400 RPM. Performance Specifications for the 428 Cobra Jet.

Horespower 335 @ 5600 RPM
Compression Ratio 10.6:1
Displacement 428 Cubic Inches (7.0L)
Bore 4.13 Inches
Stroke 3.984 Inches

Is it 428 or 429 Cobra Jet?

’71 Cobra Jet (also known as the ’71 Cobra) As it turned out, the 429 made its premiere in the Torino/Fairlane in 1970 before moving on to the Mustang in 1971. This was Ford’s cutting-edge successor for the 428, which had been in production since 1958 and was based on Ford’s FE platform.

What is a Super Cobra Jet?

The Drag-Pack version of the 428 Super Cobra Jet was available as an option. It made use of a shaker hood scoop, a temperature-lowering engine oil cooler, a reworked crankshaft, and stronger connecting rods to allow for high-speed revving. With the strong engine came a four-speed manual transmission that was connected to a limited-slip rearend.

How do you tell the difference between a 429 and a 460?

Given its smaller displacement volume, the 429’s stroke length of 3.59 millimeters was shorter than that of the 460’s stroke length of 3.85 millimeters, which meant it produced less power per camshaft spin. More power is produced by the longer stroke, which also makes it possible to make more and better high-performance modifications.

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What makes a 428 a Cobra Jet?

When equipped with 335 horsepower, the powerful 428 CJ provided a significant increase in power over the lesser 390-cube V8, which was the top Mustang engine for 1967. ‘Cobra Jet’ was developed by Bob Tasca of Tasca Ford in Rhode Island by combining high-flowing 427 cylinder heads with the robust bottom-end of a FE 428 to form the ″Cobra Jet.″

How much is a 428 Cobra Jet engine worth?

The Cobra Jet engine, which has a displacement of 428 cubic inches, is the engine of choice for collectors in the world of Mach 1 automobiles.This version, which appears to be practically flawless, is available on eBay for $59,900 with a Buy It Now price of $59,000.For an immaculate 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 with the most desired of engines under the hood, that appears to be a reasonable price for the car.