How To Winterize A Mercury Outboard Engine?

During winterization, utilize a fogging oil solution that has been specifically intended for this purpose, such as Mercury Storage Seal. Instead of using fogging oil on two-stroke engines with direct fuel injection (DFI), such as Mercury OptiMax models, pour one ounce of DFI outboard oil into each cylinder through the spark plug hole.

How do I winterize my outboard motor?

Your outboard’s normal maintenance plan includes the following steps: replacing the lower unit and engine oils, which are all part of the winterization process: changing the lower unit and engine oils Step 1: Remove the oil from the lower unit and replace it with new oil. Watch the video below to understand how to change the oil in the bottom section of an outboard motor.

How do you winterize a Mercury Optimax 2 stroke?

Mercury’s winterizing technique is outlined in the next section. When it says towards the conclusion of the procedure to pour engine oil into each spark plug hole, it is referring to the optimax 2-stroke oil that you have placed in the oil tank of your motorcycle. In order to accurately measure the amount and get it into the plug holes without a mess, a turkey baster might be quite useful.

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What kind of oil do you put in a Mercury outboard motor?

In addition to exposing internal engine components to moisture and acidic combustion byproducts, storing the motor with old oil might result in corrosion of the engine. One of the products in the Mercury Precision Lubricants portfolio is four-stroke engine oil, which can be used in any outboard brand and is specially prepared for the demands of the maritime environment.

What is outboard winterization and why is it important?

Outboard winterization is a boat motor maintenance method that most of the countries must perform on a yearly basis in order to ensure that the engine operates smoothly and properly on the water when the boat is launched in the spring.

How do you winterize a 2 stroke Mercury outboard motor?

Fog the Engine

  1. Remove the engine cover and look for the air intake port for the carburetor.
  2. As long as the engine is running, spray a little amount of fogging oil into the intake system. The engine will try to shut down, but by increasing the throttle, you can keep it going.
  3. Continue to smoke the engine until it shuts down completely

Do you need to fog a Mercury 4 stroke outboard?

4 strokes do not require ‘fogging’ since the crankcase oil has already been applied to virtually all of the moving elements of the engine.

How do you drain water from a Mercury outboard motor?

Just immediately after coming out of the water, turn the motor all the way down to the lowest setting. Allow the drain to run while you are packing up the vessel. Then turn on the engine for 2-3 seconds by pressing the starting button. All of the water will be blown out of the engine and pee hose as a result.

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Do 2 stroke outboard motors need to be winterized?

If your outboard isn’t going to be utilized for more than a month, regardless of the season, it should be winterized.

How do I winterize my outboard motor?

Preparing Your Outboard Motor for the Winter

  1. Four-stroke motors should have their crankcase oil drained.
  2. Four-stroke motors should have a new oil filter installed.
  3. Four-stroke motors: filling the crankcase with fresh oil
  4. Two-stroke motors: filling the crankcase with fresh oil
  5. Changing the gear oil in the bottom unit
  6. Increasing the stability of the fuel
  7. Antifreeze should be sprayed into the outboard motor.
  8. Adding fog to the cylinders

Do you have to winterize a 4 stroke outboard motor?

Outboard engines, like inboards and sterndrives, are susceptible to possible damage from freezing as well as from being left idle for extended periods of time without being used. As a result, outboard motors must be winterized as well.

Do outboards self drain?

All outboard motors are equipped with a self-draining cooling system. Starting the motor with the expectation of removing all of the remaining water from the water pump housing is a waste of time.

Can you use an outboard motor in the winter?

There are a number of outdoor activities available in the United States during the late summer and fall months, and all Mercury Marine outboards are rated to run in temperatures as low as -15C/+5F. However, no matter how exciting late-season boating might be, you’ll need to be certain that your engine and boat are prepared to survive the chilly weather conditions.

Do you need to run antifreeze through outboard motor?

There is absolutely no need to feed antifreeze through an outboard motor. They are designed to drain entirely in the tilted-down position, and they do not require any antifreeze to function properly.

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Do I need to winterize my boat if I keep it in the garage?

Of course, as stated by BOATUS, ″indoors, in a climate-controlled facility with a backup generator″ is the greatest winter storage area for your boat. In order to do so, you must maintain control over the temperature in your garage. A strong garage door that keeps the cold out can assist to keep your boat safe throughout the winter months on the water.