Where To Buy Liqui Moly Engine Oil?

Your local automotive retailers should be able to provide you with the Liqui Moly oil additive. Alternatively, the most convenient alternative is to get it from Amazon. You may get it delivered directly to your door. Take it with you when you go to the gas station and put it to good use.

Is LIQUI MOLY a good oil brand?

Oils and additives containing LIQUI MOLY are the greatest options since their qualities meet or surpass all OEM criteria, allowing them to operate inside the limited window of perfect behavior needed by original equipment manufacturers. This explains why they have been continually chosen Germany’s Best Oil for the past eight years, according to the German Oil Association.


The readers of Auto Bild, Auto Motor und Sport, Auto Zeitung, and Motor Klassik chose LIQUI MOLY as the finest oil brand of 2018. This is the fourth time LIQUI MOLY has won this award. For LIQUI MOLY CEO Ernst Prost, the votes for Best Brand are extremely important since they are democratic and provide an accurate depiction of the general public’s sentiment.

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Is LIQUI MOLY oil worth?

Modern engines benefit from its excellent cold-start performance, as well as its better wear characteristics. When it comes to earlier Porsches with air-cooled engines, LIQUI MOLY MoS2 is also a good choice. The additional chemicals are quite good at minimizing wear in high-heat circumstances, which is another source of trouble for oil producers.

How long does LIQUI MOLY oil last?

What is the shelf life of oil? It is possible to preserve food in tiny containers for up to five years if they are kept in a dry environment with temperatures ranging between + 5°C and + 30°C and are not exposed to direct sunlight. The cellar, rather than the garage, is the best location for storing items.

How often should you change LIQUI MOLY oil?

If you use Liqui Moly oil, how often need you change it? Oil change intervals of up to 30,000/50,000 kilometers are permitted under the manufacturer’s standards (or every two years for low mileage drivers). The newest technology has been used to create this modern multi-purpose low-friction motor oil with a wide range of applications.

Who makes LIQUI MOLY oil?

Incorporated in Germany in 1998, Liqui Moly GmbH is a manufacturer of oils, lubricants, and other additives. The Würth Group, which acquired the remaining shares of the former majority shareholder and CEO Ernst Prost on January 1, 2018, has taken over the operation of Liqui Moly as of that day.

Is LIQUI MOLY fully synthetic?

A totally synthetic LIQUI MOLY speciality that incorporates a proprietary additive technique. The strong MFC (Molecular Friction Control) technology avoids the development of deposits while also minimizing frictional losses in the process. Even under the most demanding working circumstances, the synergetic effect ensures the best possible wear prevention.

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Which is better LIQUI MOLY or Motul oil?

When comparing Motul 7100 synthetic oil with Liquimoly Street Race synthetic oil, the vast majority of those who have tried both agree that Liquimoly is the superior product. Racing with Motul 300V is preferable, although the improvements are negligible, less than 1 percent on average and more in the 0.3–0.5 percent range on most occasions.

Is LIQUI MOLY BMW approved?

BMW has officially authorized the use of LIQUI MOLY Special Tec B FE 5W-30 in accordance with the Longlife-01 FE standard. A reduction in the High-Temperature-High-Shear viscosity is achieved by reducing the ″FE″ abbreviation, which stands for fuel economy (HTHS viscosity).

What is the difference between LIQUI MOLY oils?

Liqui-moly may sell either one as ″synthetic″ in the United States, which is why both are classified as ″high tech.″ In Europe, ″synthetic″ can only refer to real synthetics made from Group IV or V basestocks, which are referred to as ″synthoil″ on product labels. The ″lesser″ mix is labeled as ″high tech″ in order to distinguish it from the ″greater″ blend, but only in the EU market.

How many km is LIQUI MOLY good for?

Only high-quality oils, such as Liqui Moly, will allow you to go 30,000 kilometers between oil changes.

What is special about LIQUI MOLY?

For every type of vehicle on the road, LIQUI MOLY has the proper motor oil for the job. Our engine additives safeguard your engine while also lowering your fuel usage and saving you money. We provide a fantastic selection of cleaning and maintenance solutions for both the inside and outside of your home. There is always the possibility of anything going wrong.

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Gray is the hue of choice. The sulfate of molybdenum is intended to reduce friction, allowing the automobile to burn a greater quantity of gasoline.

Can I mix LIQUI MOLY with regular oil?

Yes! It is necessary to be able to mix the motor oils with one another in order to ensure that they may be refilled at any point in time. The quality or qualities of the current oil, on the other hand, are altered based on the type of oil that is added.

Where is LIQUI MOLY made?

LIQUI MOLY manufactures its oils and additives completely in Germany in order to maintain a consistently high level of quality throughout the company’s product line. ‘We aim to be the best, not the cheapest,’ says Günter Hiermaier, the company’s chief executive.