How To Adjust Governor On Kawasaki Engine?

When adjusting the governor, it is necessary to release a screw located at the bottom of its arm and push the governor arm so that the throttle is completely open. Then you’d spin the lower ‘clip’ (which is attached to the governor shaft) in the opposite direction as the clock.

How do you adjust the governor on a Kawasaki V-twin?

  • Governor adjustment on the Kawasaki V-twin To temporarily install the governor arm onto the governor shaft, follow these steps: Check that the link spring around the throttle link rod is in place and that it is pulling the governor arm and throttle lever in the same direction as the throttle link rod.
  • 3 To move the governor shaft, loosen the clamp nut on the governor arm just enough to allow it to move.
  • There are more items.

How do you adjust the governor on a Honda Civic?

In general, governors are adjusted by turning the throttle control to its maximum speed and seeing which way the governor arm goes in the process. Afterwards, you release the governor arm to shaft bolt and rotate the governor’shaft’ in the SAME direction (as far as it will go) as the governor arm moved when the engine is running at full speed.

How do you open the throttle valve with the Governor shaft?

Problem #1: The end of the governor shaft is depicted in the handbook as having a screwdriver slot in it. It should be noted that this engine’s governor shaft does not have a slot. Problem number two: the handbook states that you should move the governor arm to open the throttle valve before rotating the governor shaft.

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Where do the Governor hooks go on a carburetor?

  • This is when you’re getting confused, The governor’s SPRING hooks are located in the middle of the governor’s arm and attach to the plate.
  • The rod attaches to the end of the governor arm and travels up to the throttle shaft in the carburetor, where it is hooked.
  • Consequently, you may remove the plate and the governor spring from the plate while keeping the rod linked up to the carburetor to make your adjustments.