How To Winterize A Yamaha Outboard Engine?

Preparing your outboard motor for winter storage is simple.

  1. Oil and filter should be changed.
  2. Make the engine squirt
  3. Fittings lubricated
  4. Replace the fuel filter.
  5. Fuel stabilizer should be added.
  6. A good wash and a good dry

Do you need to fog a 4 stroke Yamaha outboard?

4 strokes do not require ‘fogging’ since the crankcase oil has already been applied to virtually all of the moving elements of the engine.

Do 4 stroke outboards need to be winterized?

Outboard engines, like inboards and sterndrives, are susceptible to possible damage from freezing as well as from being left idle for extended periods of time without being used. As a result, outboard motors must be winterized as well.

Do you need to run antifreeze through outboard motor?

There is absolutely no need to feed antifreeze through an outboard motor. They are designed to drain entirely in the tilted-down position, and they do not require any antifreeze to function properly.

Do 4 stroke engines need to be fogged?

Activate the fogging system on the engine. In order to avoid corrosion within the engine, it is best to treat four-stroke and standard two-stroke engines with fogging oil while they are still warm.

How do you winterize a WaveRunner?

The following items are required for winterizing a WaveRunner: fuel stabilizer, RV antifreeze, and lubrication spray. Fill up the gas tank and mix in the appropriate amount of stabilizer to make the engine run smoothly. After that, you must flush the cooling system with antifreeze and lubricate all of the moving and metal parts.