What Engine Does My Mini Cooper Have?

R50 basic Cooper is normally aspirated, while the R53 Cooper S Hatchback is supercharged. Both vehicles are powered by a 4-cylinder engine that was employed throughout the model’s manufacturing history. The Cooper engine is designated as a W10, whilst the Cooper S engine is designated as a W11.

Does the R56 Mini Cooper have a diesel engine?

After then, until late 2010/early 2011 (no one knows the precise date), the CooperD was powered by a PSA-sourced diesel engine, which was subsequently replaced by BMW’s own 1.6 diesel engine, which is made in-house at Hams Hall in Birmingham together with the petrol prince engine.

What kind of engine does a mini one have?

The OLD 1st Gen R50 MINI One Diesel, which was built from 2003 to 2006, was powered by a 1.4-liter diesel engine acquired from Toyota and used in the Yaris (D4-D).

What engine is in a 2016 Mini Countryman Cooper D?

I discovered that an N47 engine with a displacement of 1598cc is installed in a 2016 1.6 Countryman Cooper D.To be more specific, an N47D16.BMW N47 may be found on Wikipedia by searching for it.Also check neominiparts.co.uk for more information.Mini models are discussed in detail, including engine designations for all Generation 1, 2, and 3 Minis.

  • As a result, I was already planning to pass on this particular Mini because of its bad engine design.
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What are the engine codes for a first generation Mini Cooper?

The following are the engine codes for all contemporary MINI Coopers (not Classics) that come from the First Generation of the MINI.R50 Cooper = W10 from 2002 to 2006.(W10B16) Non-supercharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine.R53 Cooper S = W11 from 2002 to 2006.(W11B16) Supercharged 1.6-liter engine.

  • NOTE: The first generation convertibles were produced at the same time as the second generation coupes.

What engine is in my Mini Cooper?

The Cooper S is powered by a 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine that produces 176 horsepower, while the Cooper JCW, which also sports a 2.0-litre engine, has been enhanced to produce 228 horsepower. The MINI One is powered by the Cooper’s 1.5-litre three-cylinder engine, which has been detuned to produce 101 horsepower.

How do I know what MINI engine I have?

Just by taking a short look, you can tell if the engine is a ″big bore″ or a ″small bore.″ Engine ID for Standard Mini Engines is a unique number.

engine # prefix engine type
9 998cc (non Cooper)
10 1098cc
12 1275cc (non Cooper S), except 12H397 and 12H398. These are S.
9F/Sa/H 101 – 19200 9F/Sa/H 20411 – 26376 997cc Cooper

Is my MINI R55 or R56?

Mini Models Explained

Mini Model Years
R53 Hatchback 2002-2006
R55 Clubman 2007-2009 Pre LCI models 2010-2014 LCI models
R56 Hatchback 2007-2009 Pre LCI models 2010-2014 LCI models
R57 Convertible 2008-2009 Pre LCI models 2010-2015 LCI models

Where is the engine code on a Mini Cooper?

Simply look on the right side of the valve cover, toward the rear of the valve cover (while facing the engine). There is a white sticker on the engine that has the engine number on it.

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What does R56 mean MINI?

MINI 2nd Generation – R55: Clubman is a kind of car. – R56: One/MC/MCS Coupe (one/MC/MCS). 1 – R57: Convt. of One, MC, and MCS – R60: MINI SUV (Mini Cooper Sport Utility Vehicle).

How can you tell a 1275 engine?

Take a check at the back of the engine to determine if there are any tappet covers to replace. The 998s have them, but the 1275s do not. More information may be found by looking up the engine number.

Who makes the Mini diesel engine?

BMW has created a new diesel engine just for the Mini, a 1.6-litre turbodiesel with 112 horsepower.

How do I identify my classic Mini gearbox?

Only after the gearbox is removed from the engine can an accurate identification be made. In terms of gear ratios, the first, second, and third gears are similar to those of the normal Mini gearbox. The laygear, on the other hand, is often marked 22G1040, and its presence may be determined by counting the first motion gear (top gear/4th gear).

Is my MINI an R50 or R53?

MINIs with the R50 designation are the entry-level models. These are the Cooper, the MINI One, and the MINI One D, which is powered by diesel. In the MINI Cooper S and Cooper S with the John Cooper Works package, R53 refers to the top-of-the-line hatchback variant, the MINI Cooper S and Cooper S with the John Cooper Works package.

What year is a MINI R56?

The second generation (R56/57; 2006) is the most recent.

Second generation (R56/57)
Mini Cooper R56 (Düsseldorf, Germany)
Manufacturer BMW (Mini)
Production 2006 – November 2013 (R56 hatch) 2009–2015 (R57 convertible)
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How can you tell the difference between R53 and R56?

The R56, on the other hand, might appear substantially larger than the R53, owing mostly to its form. When you look at the front ends of the two vehicles, the R56 appears to be more bulbous and rounded, particularly around the headlights. The most visible change is seen at the point where the bottom border of the rear glass meets the hatch on the back end.

Who makes MINI R56 engine?

The MINI R56 is a two-door hatchback.The three-door hatchback, which is the most prevalent of the second generation forms and which is also the signature MINI shape.This model was produced from 2007 to 2013, and from August 2010 onwards, it had a’mid-life’ makeover that included a number of under-the-hood improvements, the most notable of which was the introduction of BMW-sourced diesel engines for the diesel vehicles.

What year Mini Cooper has the N14 engine?

The N13 is the designation given to the BMW version of the Prince engine, whereas the N14 and N18 are given to the Mini variants. It was originally used in the Mini in 2006, and it was designed to replace the Tritec engine family in the vehicle. Later in 2011, the 114i, 116i, and 118i versions of BMW F20 and F21 will also be supported.

What engine is in 2009 Mini Cooper?

The 2009 Mini Cooper has a 1.05L engine that produces a lot of power. This vehicle is powered by a six-liter engine that generates 118 horsepower. Conversely, when the Cooper S is paired with either the basic manual transmission or the six-speed turbocharged engine, the 172 horsepower, six-speed V12 comes out on top thanks to its superior transmission.